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As a leading logistics company, ATL has an ongoing commitment to health and safety in the workplace; we continue to review our processes and procedures and implement awareness programmes for all employees.  We are always looking to improve the way we manage health and safety.

Our view is simple: we never lose sight of the potential hazards that exist in the workplace.  The importance of keeping ourselves, our customers and our visitor’s safe while they are at work is at the centre of our business values.

To achieve the “zero accident” objective, ATL has identified 5 levers:

♦  involve all managers
♦  improve health and safety risk management
♦  improve communication and dialogue
♦  train and involve all employees
♦  monitor and control health and safety performance.

As a result of implementing these actions, over the last 2 years the frequency of workplace accidents has continuously decreased within the Group.

ATL confirms its desire to make further progress, especially in the following areas:

♦  Developing research and innovation in the field of health and safety to enhance ATL’s performance and attractiveness
♦  Developing the skills of managers with health and safety roles and training all employees
♦  Applying the ATL’S health and safety management standard to share a universal prevention approach
♦  Applying management standards to high-risk activities
♦  Communicating about health and safety topics so that everyone is involved in both their own safety and that of the people around them
♦  Sharing good practices and preventing dangerous situations before an accident occurs
♦  Safety visits to identify strengths and areas for improvement on-site.

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